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Change is in the air….

A quick update to the Monthly Newsletter ~ You probably noticed the new layout.

Well, we are changing again.  This time we are going ALL DIGITAL!  With the impact printed publications have on the environment, and the rising costs of printing and shipping, we’ve decided to join the ranks of the Digital Format for our newsletter.  We are excited to bring this to you.

It will come via email in a PDF (portable document format) that you can view right on your computer screen, or print for your reference.  All of the content of this newsletter will remain current and relevant to self-storage investing.  The best part about it, is if we have something exciting to share with you, we can quickly and easily change the newsletter, as it will all be done within our own office.  If you have any questions for Scott’s Inbox, listings for The Classifieds sections, or other suggestions, please send us an email!

The contact for the Self Storage Insiders Club Newsletter is:

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